This company is no longer in business. This website is for archive purposes ONLY!

Camping Equiptment Rentals

We Believe that most of us have experienced those relatives and/or friends that have come to the Alberni valley for a visit only to discover its beauty. They then decide they would like to try their hand at camping only to realize the expense of buying everything for possibly only one trip.

Here at No Boundaries Adventure Gear we are trying to make this experience a fun and inexpensive one. We provide camping equipment rentals (daily or for a week) and at the end of you trip just return it. If you find you enjoyed your trip and would like to purchase the equipment, the rental fee will be deducted from the purchase price. So come on down to No Boundaries Adventure Gear and let us make your camping trip a more pleasurable one.

Camping Equipment

  Daily Weekly
2 Person Tent (3 Season)$18.00$90.00
2 Person Text (4 Season)$22.00$100.00
Foam Sleeping Pad$5.00$25.00
Sleeping Bag (3 Season)$15.00$75.00
Backpacking Stove$5.00$20.00
Compact Bed$8.00$20.00
2 Person Pot Set$4.00$20.00
Roof Rack$10.00$50.00
Hiking Poles$8.00$N/A
Snow Shoes$5.00$N/A
Ice Axe$8.00$N/A