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My name is Jeff. I have been an avid hiker, climber, surfer, and outdoor enthusiast, since as far back as I can remember… and that’s pretty far! I have made it my goal to continuously expand my knowledge, challenge my limits, and take on new things while emphasizing the importance of proper trail etiquette, safety and consideration while on any adventure. With a history of downhill racing, competition swimming, as well as surfing competitively, I have a well-rounded foundation of knowledge.

After overcoming some of my own challenges, and serious health setbacks, I found solace and peace in the backcountry. The call to explore the outdoors, and challenge my own limits became a soul-recharging endeavor that gave me a world of insight into myself, and allowed me to emerge as a completely different person, with new confidence, and perspective. It became my passion, and one that I have longed to share with others through experience, while simply getting out there and enjoying all the natural wonder that surrounds us.

I am a CSIA level 3 certified instructor, as well as a belay (rock climbing) instructor with avalanche training. I am a member of the ACC, and also am an experienced guide, with experience ranging from hiking trail to backcountry skiing, bouldering, to traditional and ice climbing.

I hope to meet many more outdoor enthusiasts, provide them with the gear and information they are seeking, pulling from my own technical resources and experience, or even help them accomplish their goals, and face new challenges, all while being safe, respecting our natural environment, and gaining some knowledge and confidence in the backcountry and alpine.

Come chat me up , or pick my brain anytime. I do this because I love it, and want to help anyone else down the path. Is there ANY better reason?! Look around you, the wilderness beckons, get yourself lost and find yourself... it worked or me!